What Can You Expect At Your Appointment With Us?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

From the moment you come through our door, it's all about you! You'll be greeted by me (Kayleigh) and I will introduce myself to you and your guests.

This next action is extremely important - I shall pop open a bottle of bubbly! A bridal appointment without bubbly is not how we operate ;) If you have a morning appointment booked that's ok! If it's a bridal appointment it's perfectly acceptable to have a glass of fizz - that's our philosophy anyway! We do offer bottled water too so don't worry if you're driving or don't drink. I don't however offer tea or coffee, this makes me very nervous! Accidents happen so that is my prevention.

Next I will ask you about your big day and your budget - not because I am nosey but knowing everything about your wedding allows me to choose the right dresses for you to try. If it's soon then I won't put you in a dress that's likely to need a lot of alterations, if it's a church wedding I won't put you in a dress that's too risqué unless I know it can be changed and fits within your budget, I won't put you in a dress that is over your budget nor will I put you in a big princess dress if you're having a destination wedding on the beach (unless of course that's what you've dreamt of). These are just a few examples, it totally depends on you. Every single bride that visits us is different so I tailor the appointment to you and your loved ones.

There's always a lot of laughs in our little boutique. Laughter is always needed I say. We always have fun, not just because I have a wicked sense of humour (ahem) but it loosens us all up, eliminates any nervousness and makes it memorable. Buying your dress is such an important experience and I do my best to make it the best it can be so you'll remember it forever :)

I will show you some options of dresses that fit your criteria, you'll then choose the first dress you'd like to try. Our fitting room is upstairs so if you do have mobility issues do get in touch before your appointment so we can accommodate this. Once in the fitting room we will still be chatting away, whilst your guests patiently wait downstairs for the big reveal! There is no limit to how many dresses you can try and you can always put on a previously tried dress again. This is your appointment so if you want to try on 10 dresses then try on 3 of those again, so be it! It's all about you don't forget so don't worry and never apologise for it, there's absolutely no need :) it's a good bit of exercise up and down the stairs though!

Once You have tried on the choices, I will normally put you in what I call the 'Wild Card' which is something you've either disregarded due to how it looks on the hanger or a dress style you definitely 'Don't want' and guess what? The majority of my brides find their dress in my wild card! I won't force you in it if you definitely don't want to of course but I will give you a gentle nudge of persuasion.

If I'm lucky enough to have found you your dress, I tend to do a very childlike squeal and clap (I should stop doing this but I get too excited!) there's a big cheer and a clink of your glasses. It's such a wonderful moment, I love it!

Once payment is received your dress will be ready to collect in approximately 2 weeks once I have given it a good steam and get it looking perfect. If alterations are needed we have a ridiculously talented recommended dress maker (Chantelle Sophia) who will be waiting for your call.

You'll leave with a free goodie bag, packed with heaps of local suppliers to help you plan the rest of your big day, as well as wedding magazines too.

All in all, an appointment here is fun, relaxed, personalised, Prosecco fuelled and a little bit mad - but that's just me........