Our Sell Your Dress


We are happy to help where we can so if you have a dress you are looking to sell, we can sell it for you!

Your dress could be in our boutique in just a matter of days.

If your dress is in excellent condition and professionally dry cleaned get in touch.

We will sell your dress for an agreed price where we will take a commission upon sale. Dresses under £1000 we take 40% dresses over £1000 we take 35%

We regret we cannot accept every dress. Terms and conditions apply, these can be found below.

  1. Dresses must be in great condition

  2. If your dress has not sold within 2 months of the acceptance date, the sale price may be lowered.

  3. If after 6 months your dress still has not sold you may be asked to collect your dress from our boutique, there will be no charge.

  4. We cannot accept every dress offered, we are within our rights to choose the dresses we decide to stock.

  5. A disclaimer must be signed by both parties.

  6. You use this service at your own risk, dust marks and/or slight defects may occur. 

  7. The final sale price must be agreed by both parties.

  8. 35% of the sale price will be our commission for dresses over £1000 eg;
    £1200 dress sale cost
    £420 our fee
    £780 amount due to you - should a higher priced dress have to be lowed below the £1000 threshold you accept the commission fee will increase to 40%
    For dresses less than £1000 you accept 40% being our commission fee eg;
    £800 dress sale cost
    £320 our fee
    £480 amount due to you

  9. If for some reason you change your mind AFTER your dress is put on sale, you must let us know immediately and you will be charged 10% of the sale cost.

  10. You will not be charged if you dress doesn't sell within the timescale mentioned in clause 3. 

  11. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the sale of your dress. There is no average timescale as to how quick a dress sells, it all depends on who we have through our door.

  12. We on occasion use dresses for photoshoots, if you don't want us to use yours you can say so in your agreements.

  13. Any dresses we do use for shoots are handled with extreme care and dry cleaned afterwards should it need it.