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Terms and Conditions


Our Off The Peg Dresses

As the majority of our dresses are either ex-sample or a small amount of pre-owned please be aware that your dress may come with slight defects. This could be anything from missing buttons to a small tear. If your dress is not in the sale, these defects are usually repaired at your seamstress appointment and paid for separately by us. If you purchase your dress during a £500 or less sale, these repairs are not covered by us. Most dresses are perfect but please do check upon purchase. Defects are easily repaired and don’t detract from the dresses at all but are reflected in the price.

We are a small boutique, not a big stockist of gowns so follow our Facebook page to be kept up to date with the dresses we have in stock, if you see a dress you like, book an appointment and come along to try it on.

As our dresses are ex-sample, there is only one of each dress so once they're sold they're sold. If you see a dress you like don't hesitate in booking an appointment, we'd hate for you to miss out!

We have fabulous recommended seamstresses should you need your dress altered in any way. We recommend based on area and alterations required. You do not have to use any of the ladies we recommend but we can assure you that ours are fabulous! They work independently from us and charge their own prices.

You are able to take your dress home with you, on the very same day but we do recommend you allow us to store it until your seamstress appointment. We offer storage free of charge.

Order in Dresses

Our order in dresses currently take around 3 months to come in. They can be ordered with customisations which incur a cost of £50 per customisation. Alterations will still be required.

A 50% deposit is required to order your dress if you decide not to pay in full. The remaining balance is to be cleared once your dress arrives.

Our Boutique

We are appointment only, you must book before visiting as I may not be there.

We can accommodate up to 5 seated guests per appointment. Standing room available.

We cannot be held accountable for any injuries or damage to property/persons that is out of our control.

Our toilet is located on the top floor.


Your Appointment

Your appointment slot is 90 minutes. This enables us to give you our full attention and we can hear all about your big day.

As we are appointment only you will not be disturbed by other customers.

We encourage you to bring along your wedding shoes (if you have them) to try on with your dress.

Water and bubbly will be available on the day for you and your guests.

Food, tea or coffee is not permitted in our boutique.

Purchasing A Dress

If you find 'The One' in our boutique you are able to take it away that very same day if it's an off the peg dress. With order in dresses you will be notified of its arrival for you to come in and try it on.

Your dress will be presented to you in a dress cover with it's hanger.

We can accept a 50% deposit followed by monthly payments of £100 or £200 for off the peg dresses.

We do not allow payment plans for dresses £500 or less. Dresses cannot leave the store until the full balance has been paid.

In the event of non-payment of the remaining balance, you risk losing your dress and the money already paid.

Unfortunately refunds are not accepted. We can however sell your dress for you but a commission will be taken and fees deducted.

If your wedding is cancelled or impacted by Covid, the above applies. 

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